How To Create A Custom Fingering Chart

Bret Pimentel (on his website, Bret Pimentel Winds) has a web page about “how to create a customized fingering chart.” Check this out. This is a screen shot of the tool, configuring for saxophone fingerings. For most people, especially when you’re starting out on a woodwind instrument, this might seem to be an unnecessary tool. … Read more

Three Things Successful Musicians Do That Mark Them For Success

three things successful musicians do

I stumbled across a guy on YouTube that had an interesting video. Dave Good talks about “three things successful musicians do.” In his video, “The Three Things That Successful Saxophone Achievers Do That 99% Of The Rest Ignore,” he discusses several characteristics he sees in musicians he teaches or who he plays with that excel … Read more

Chad LB vs Donna Schwartz – Which Is The Better Online Course?

Learn With Online Lessons

Online improvisation courses are everywhere these days. Ads for these courses often pop up in your feed in places like Facebook. But how do these courses compare? They have a lot of features worth noting. Today, I’m going to do a specific comparison of “Chad LB” vs “Donna Schwartz” courses – that is, courses from … Read more

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