As you go through the exercises

I’ve tried to lay these exercises out somewhat “mathematically” in that they try to cover all 12 keys equally and with a proper emphasis on scales, arpeggios and other things that give a good base. About 40% of the daily schedules have pentatonic exercises in them that are designed to emphasize these as a good base and foundation for improvising.

Review: B and F pentatonic scale exercises

Strive for evenness and accuracy. Understand the importance of the pentatonic scales.

Do: C major scales and 3rds

Easy key. But good to review.

Review: Eb arpeggio exercises.

In my experience, Eb and Ab are probably the worst keys on an instrument like the saxophone. Good reason to review them periodically. Because when you need them, you’ll need them!

Do: G arpeggio exercises

I have tried to balance some of these things out, so that in any given day there is some stuff that is challenging but rewarding when you get it and some easier stuff so you’re encouraged by your progress.

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