Thoughts as you look at the minor scales today

This is one of the days where you are reviewing the pentatonics. It’s important stuff and makes you versatile as an improvisor.

As a thought, as you’re going through these exercises, you’ll probably have some days that you have more time for practice than others.

A suggestion I would make is that if you’re pressed for time, then on the “pentatonic days,” work on those first if you don’t have time for everything.

Review: E and Bb pentatonic scales and 3rd exercises

Pentatonics are most important.

Do: Ab major scales and thirds

The flats are no fun but they are necessary. Take it all in.

Review: F arpeggio exercises

Get familiar with these arpeggios. F is a pretty easy key. An easier practice day, but use the time to improve smoothness and good technique.

Do: C arpeggio exercises

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