As you go through the exercises

Today is an example of where what is written here might be out of the range of your instrument. If you’re doing the B major scales and 3rds, it is written at one part down to a low Bb. But if you play flute, you don’t have one of those. In this case, go up to the D# and then end on the B.

The idea is you’re familiarizing yourself with the sound of the scales in all the keys, and your brain is associating the sounds with the fingerings and the like.

Remember that you’re doing this to learn to read in all the keys, and to think in all the keys. Learn them both by the page and by memory.

Review: F minor scales and thirds exercises

Strive for evenness and accuracy. This is review from yesterday. If you worked on this one yesterday it should be easier today due to muscle memory.

Do: B major scales and 3rds

Consistency is key to good improv. As in the notes above, if the scales as written are outside of your range on your instrument, “improvise” by finding a way to play something musical on the scale that works with the notes your instrument can play.

Review: B arpeggio exercises

Do: Major chromatic arpeggios

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