As you go through the exercises

If you “stick to the schedule,” doing a page each day of the month, you’ll probably find pockets where some of the types of days are more interesting or more challenging than others. Just try to keep it fresh.

And do what works for you. If you find some of these need repeating, feel free to jump around. The schedule is your servant, not your master. But keep notes of what is hard and what is easier, so you can zero in on what needs more work for your particular needs.

And let me know if anything looks like it could benefit from correction or improvement. Thanks.

Review: D major scales and thirds exercises

Strive for evenness and accuracy. This is review from yesterday. If you worked on this one yesterday it should be easier today due to muscle memory.

Do: F minor scales and 3rds

One of the harder scales for saxophone and clarinet. But relative minor of Ab, which is not such a common key. Except…. if the piano is in F#, then you’re really gonna play in Ab to match. So, yeah. It’s good to know it.

Review: D arpeggio exercises

Do: B arpeggio exercises

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