As you go through the exercises

Remember to work on these exercises with an ear for evenness and smoothness. Play slow enough to anticipate where your fingers will go next – before you get there. Speed comes from practicing accuracy.

Review: Bb major scale exercises

Strive for evenness and accuracy. This is review from yesterday. If you worked on this one yesterday it should be easier today due to muscle memory.

Do: G# minor scales and 3rds

G# minor is the relative minor of B – 5 sharps.

Review: Diminished chromatic arpeggio exercises.

The chromatic arpeggio exercises are designed to get you to hear and play in all 12 keys. They are written in the keys instead of making everything up with accidentals so you get used to reading the keys for your instrument. Enjoy! 🙂

Do: Db arpeggio exercises

A little more challenging exercise. Tougher key, but remember Db is C# and it’s not uncommon when playing with a band. Learn to hear and play in the key.

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