30 Day Routine – Day 17

As you go through the exercises

If you think of ideas for improvements to these exercises, let me know. Thanks. It is a work in progress.

Review: B minor scale exercises

Strive for evenness and accuracy. This is review from yesterday. If you worked on this one yesterday it should be easier today due to muscle memory.

Do: Bb major scales and 3rds

Bb major is not a really common key but good to know all 12, just in case. As always, learn to read it off the page and to play by ear. The goal is good improvisation skills.

Review: E arpeggio exercises.

“Use” the time between notes in slower tempos to plan ahead for smoother fingerings and transitions. Focus on intonation and consistency in volume as well as smooth hand technique.

Do: Diminished chromatic arpeggio exercises

A little more challenging exercise. As usual, some harder and some easier so you can both learn and enjoy the progress you’re making. This one will be easier tomorrow – as a review.

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