Thoughts as you go over the materials today

No exercise is perfect, and these that I’ve provided here are no exception. Depending on your instrument, you may occasionally find that the scales as written take you beyond the upper or lower range of your instrument. Since this exercise is ultimately for learning to play by ear so you can improvise, you’ll want to learn the scales through your entire range.

Use these pages as a guide. Improve on them as it works for you.

Review: E major scales and 3rd exercises

Review the scale and in intervals of thirds. This is one of the easier keys. Not as easy as C, of course, but easier than the flats, in my experience. But they’re all important.

Do: G minor scales and 3rds

A fairly easy key. Work on tone, intonation and accuracy. These naturally bring speed.

Review: Minor chromatic arpeggio exercises.

Remember: these chromatic arpeggio exercises are for you to get used to thinking in each key as you play it. It’s good to practice scales and arpeggios in all keys. This is one way to do that.

Do: F# arpeggio exercises

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