Thoughts as you go over the materials today

Remember that some days are easier than others because some keys are easier than others. But don’t rush, and don’t take for granted the easiness. Instead, use the opportunities to focus on all aspects of what you’re doing as you practice: consistency of tone and volume between notes; anticipating fingerings that are coming along next, so you develop prowess with your technique on your instrument.

Review: G major scales and 3rd exercises

Review the scale and in intervals of thirds.

Do: Bb minor scales and 3rds

I find the keys in flats are a little tougher on saxophone than the sharps. But there are some songs that are classics that seem almost always to be done in certain keys, and some of those keys will be in flats. So get used to them.

Review: C arpeggio exercises.

Review these arpeggios in this easy key. Remember to play slowly at first until you have the fingerings “locked in” as second nature.

Do: A arpeggio exercises

A little easier key. But also fairly common in jazz. Good to know these chords. And don’t forget to get used to them both by sight and by ear. The end goal is to be familiar with them to improvise.

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