30 Day Routine – Day 10

Thoughts as you go over the materials today

The pentatonic scales and exercises are crucial to the formation of a good musical vocabulary for improvising on blues and jazz patterns.

Spend some time on these. It is worth the effort.

Review: G and Db pentatonic scales and 3rd exercises

Review these pentatonic scales in intervals of thirds. Pentatonic scales are the stuff to work on on a regular basis.

Do: G major scales and 3rds

G major is one of the easier keys. Enjoy the break. But don’t let easy get you to be sloppy. Use the “time between notes” to think ahead about hand position, tone, evenness of scale and the like.

Review: F arpeggio exercises.

The benefit of repeating the exercise from yesterday along with working on new material is that there is such a thing as muscle memory. But there is a benefit to letting the brain process at night what you learned in the daytime, repeating it the next day to make it fresh and reinforced.

Do: C arpeggio exercises

A little easier key. Probably the easiest key. But also fairly common in jazz.

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