Thoughts as you go over the materials today

The pentatonic scales and exercises are very important – they are foundational to blues and jazz. You’ll want to review these on a regular basis. They are a subcomponent of the regular scales but you need to practice them as scales of “fewer notes” to familiarize yourself with them as a unique collection of notes.

Review: C# minor scales and 3rds

Review this scale and in 3rds.

Do: G and Db pentatonic scales and 3rd exercises

Learn these pentatonic scales in intervals of thirds. Pentatonic scales are a foundation for doing improv in jazz and blues. Good stuff to work on on a regular basis.

Review: Ab arpeggio exercises.

The benefit of repeating the exercise from yesterday along with working on new material is that there is such a thing as muscle memory. But there is a benefit to letting the brain process at night what you learned in the daytime, repeating it the next day to make it fresh and reinforced.

Do: F arpeggio exercises

A little easier key. Almost fun compared to Ab. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull musician.

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