Thoughts as you review

Repetition is helpful in training muscle memory and ear/hand coordination. Mindless repetition is not particularly useful. Eventually, you want to be able to play pentatonic scales in 3rds and chew gum at the same time.”

But that happens as you go through these exercises mindfully and carefully. Always remember to not go faster than you can do cleanly and accurately. The key to speed is learning slow and clean until you can speed it up gradually to fast and clean.

Review: C and F# “pentatonic” scales and 3rds

Review the C and F# pentatonic scales in intervals of 3rds over the entire range of your instrument.

Do: F# major scales and 3rds

Work on and get familiar with the F# major scale and 3rds exercises.

Review: Bb Arpeggio Exercises

Review these exercises with the goal of eventually being able to them in different patterns, different rhythmic patterns and the like.

Do: D Arpeggio Exercises

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